Overpopulation and Family Planning

In Nigeria: Muriana Taiwo, 45, explained that it was “God’s will” for him to have 12 children by his three wives, calling each child a “blessing” because so many of his own siblings had died.

What are the global consequences to overpopulation? In the United States, as access to family planning services becomes increasingly more jeopardized across the country, what can be said of other countries where access is even more limited?

Last November, the United Nations announced that the global population had breached seven billion and would expand rapidly for decades, taxing natural resources if countries cannot better manage the growth.

In an April issue of the NY Times, Elizabeth Rosenthal, wrote that,

“Across sub-Saharan Africa, alarmed governments have begun to act, often reversing longstanding policies that encouraged or accepted large families. Nigeria made contraceptives free last year, and officials are promoting smaller families as a key to economic salvation, holding up the financial gains in nations like Thailand as inspiration.

Nigeria, already the world’s sixth most populous nation with 167 million people, is a crucial test case, since its success or failure at bringing down birthrates will have outsize influence on the world’s population. If this large nation rich with oil cannot control its growth, what hope is there for the many smaller, poorer countries.”

A change in attitude and perception has to occur concerning family size, gender equality, and the value of the education of young people across Sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world.

To read the rest of Elizabeth Rosenthal’s article:




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