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HIV-Infected Organ Transplants

August 13, 2012

HIV research, treatment, and advocacy groups are lobbying members of Congress to amend current law and allow transplantation of organs from HIV-infected donors to HIV-infected recipients. They are calling to amend the National Transplant Act, passed in 1984, which reflects the profound lack of knowledge of HIV/AIDS at the time when it was written. HIV has become a manageable chronic disease and patients with HIV have longer life spans and are vulnerable to other chronic diseases associated with older age, such as kidney failure and liver failure–conditions for which organ transplantation is often the standard treatment.

JAMA, August, 8, 2012, Mike Mitka


Tony Cunning, 48, of Milwaukee, got a kidney transplant last month at UW Hospital. He is one of the first three HIV-positive patients to receive an organ transplant in Wisconsin.